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Sharad Acharya is a content writer and researcher at Ace Cloud Hosting UK. He has over 4 years of experience in the field of communications and hosting and always is up to date with the new technologies in the market. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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How Hosting Sage 50 on Cloud Enables Mobility, Flexibility and Business Continuity?

Sage 50, being one of the most versatile Desktop accounting software in the market, is the preferred choice for various accountants all over the world. For years, the accountants used Sage 50 software on their local system to store confidential client information, manage balance sheets, process payments and create invoices. However, the local desktop setup […]

Top 10 Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud

Most industries in the market are benefitting from the versatile attributes of cloud computing. So, why should the accounting industry be left behind? The accounting software such as QuickBooks is well-equipped in handling all the functions related to accounting and more. However, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can enhance the features even further and optimise […]

How To Market Your Accounting Business: 5 Effective Ways

In this day and age, marketing has become a necessity rather than an option. The Internet has shifted the plane of marketing to digital strategies. People extensively use the Internet for marketing as it enables them to reach millions of potential customers. Prior to the emergence of digital marketing, accounting firms used conventional methods of […]

QuickBooks Hosting – Why You Need It?

In this day and age, when cloud hosting is at the pinnacle, every industry is inclined towards moving its process to the cloud. So why should the accounting industry be left behind? Majority of the personnel related to accounting are using cloud hosting services to host their processes because of the numerous benefits of cloud […]

On-premise vs Cloud: What your Accounting Business Need?

Since the inception of cloud computing, the debate of on-premise vs. cloud has been going strong. So, how do these technologies function in the case of accounting business models? Nowadays, the accounting operations rely on different software like Sage, QuickBooks, ATX and many more such accounting and tax applications that can be hosted on the […]

How Will Sage Cloud Hosting Grow Your Business?

Sage, a giant in the software industry, has been in existence for a few decades now. Primarily known for developing software used in the field of accounting and finance, Sage has evolved leaps and bounce. The evolution of cloud technology has taken the software industry by storm and shifted the plane of the hosting industry. […]